Guidance Counselor

30-mins of your time can have enormous impact on a confused student. It brings clarity to the student’s situation and helps them make more informed choices. In short, it makes their life beautiful. And, we think that’s time well spent.

You might say “But, there are so many students. How can I make any sort of difference?” The answer to that question? Google “Starfish Story.”

Time Commitment: Minimum: 30-min/month (1 session/month)
Location: Remote.
NOTE: While interacting with students, you won’t be using your personal email address, or your cell phone number. 30MinGuidance will setup an email account for you. You will be using this email address (unique to you) to conduct Google Hangout Conversations.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Engineering: must be in enrolled in a graduate or a PhD program/must be employed full time.
  • General: you can’t guide a student on any particular examination unless you’ve taken and passed that examination.
  • Must have computer (with mic, and speaker) or a smartphone with internet connectivity so that you can have Google Hangout audio conversations with students.

Key Qualities: 

  • Must exhibits awareness.
  • Must be able to have candid conversations with students about their undergraduate/graduate/work experience.
  • Someone who doesn’t defend their decisions/job/degree/etc… We want story narrators who are share their journey.


  • All you have to do is share your story. Three example below:
    • May be you choose Philosophy/Arts major during your undergrad., and later, after inputs from friends and family members, switched to a degree that has better pay, and better career opportunity and growth potential. These are REAL experiences. Imagine the kind of influence you will have a on a Philosophy/Arts student who is constantly debating whether they are in the right program. Imagine the struggle after graduation — find a job, pay of student debt, etc… Now, when you share your story, the student will have more information, and regardless of what they decide, they will be confident with the path they choose for themselves .
    • May be you have a undergraduate/masters degree in electrical/computer engineering. You now have a job; but, you wish someone had mentioned how important xyz course was. Share your story. Reduce the guess work for current undergraduate student.
    • May be you are an experienced professional about to retire. You wish your younger-self knew certain things. Imagine the kind of impact you will have on a student when you narrate your story. They’ll know what to do soon after they graduate. What to look for in a Job, etc…


  • An opportunity to connect with other Guidance Counselors.
  • An opportunity influence/impact students with your life experiences.
  • Maintain a fresh perspective by interacting with students, and Guidance Counselors.


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