Faculty Advisor

As a Faculty Advisor, you’ll be responsible for providing guidance and suggestions for 30MinGuidance Campus Representatives at your campus. You can also actively take part in designing a program structure — frequency of Q&A sessions and the frequency of guest speaker sessions.

Time Commitment: Flexible.
Location: Remote – at your campus.

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Must be a full time professor, and must be have an office (students must be able to find you) in the campus.

Key Qualities:

  • Enjoys interacting with students.
  • Is always on a lookout for new ways to infuse fresh perspective into class.
  • Is in good relationship with the students.


  • As a Faculty Advisor, you’ll take on an advisory role and work with 30MinGuidance and the Campus Representatives at your campus to organize interactive sessions with students.
  • Work with other faculty within your Institution/Department to incorporate 30MinGuidance (Guest Speakers) into class room lectures.


  • An opportunity to influence positive change at your campus.


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