Message to undergraduate students

With youth and time on your side, undergraduate years can be the most formative years of your life — it’s an ideal place to take part in various experiences, and to take calculated risks. Too many students, unfortunately, get caught up with the course work and come out of the undergraduate experience with a limited/narrow view of themselves.

Our Guidance Counselors have been your shoes and they are willing to talk with you for 30-mins on Google Hangouts (audio) on how to maximize various areas of you undergraduate experience.  Our services are free.

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Guidance Areas Description Book Session
Resume Discuss ways to improve your resume for job and masters application Book Here
Higher Studies – MS/MBA Discuss any questions/confusions related to graduate studies Book Here
USA Masters Application Process Discuss any questions/confusions related to graduate school application process Book Here
General Your questions may not fall under any of the Guidance Areas listed above. When you book your sessions please mention what the session is going to be about — we'll use it to pick an appropriate Guidance Counselor. Book Here