Message to the donor

We rely solely on the donations to keep the website up and running. This website exists because of time set aside by unpaid volunteers who strongly believe in sharing knowledge and information for the benefit of others. All the donations will go right back into the business for the sole purpose of increasing the reach and impact.

Pick a donation level you’re comfortable with and support us in our cause to bring clarity to undergraduate students situations. Your support is essential. These short 30-min sessions are useful to the students — right major decision, corrective action early on, practical courses choices, potential rescue from getting into student debt situation, etc…..

What will you sacrifice today?

Level Amount Donate
Sacrifice a cup of Coffee/Tea $1.80 Donate money
Sacrifice a snack $2.50 Donate money
Sacrifice a beer 🙂 $4.50 Donate money
Sacrifice a meal $7.00 Donate money
I'm doing okay; I have a stable job $15.00 Donate money
I'm blessed Custom amount Donate money

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