Middle/High School

Message to High school students

Along this journey to pick your job/career/undergraduate major, you’ll stumble across a lot of ifs and buts and maybes. You’ll also come across a lot of stereotypes (e.g: you need to be good at Math to become an Engineer). When you come across these stereotypes we request you not to ASSUME things about your abilities and about the jobs.

Understanding the practical aspects of the job is important while you are on this journey. Our Guidance Counselors have been your shoes and they are willing to talk with you for 30-mins on Google Hangouts (audio) to help you understand more about a particular job/career/undergraduate major.

Instructions to schedule a 30-min Audio Session
(NOTE 1: If you are under 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by your parents/teachers)

STEP 1 : use table below to understand which job/undergraduate major you’d like to learn more about.
STEP 2 : click on “Book Here”.
STEP 3 : our volunteer coordinator will pick a Guidance Counselor* (best experience/expertise fit) and schedule a Google Hangouts audio session.
STEP 4 : have a 30-min conversation at a scheduled date and time.

Note to teachers: We are willing to talk to students in your class. While our Guidance Counselors can’t be there physically in your class, they are willing to call-in and answer any questions your students might have.

 Undergraduate major/Job

Job Undergraduate major Job Description Guidance Counselor Book Session
Computer Engineer Electronics Engineering I design computer chips. These computer chips are responsible of the cool graphics in your Xbox or PlayStation. Aditya Book Here