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  • Country: (1)India, and (2) Zambia | Grew up: (1) Chennai, Bangalore, Trichy, Tanjore, and (2) Lusaka | Can speak: English, and Tamil.
  • Undergraduate University: Anna University.
  • Undergraduate Institution: Anna University.
  • Undergraduate area of study: Aeronautical Engineering.
  • Graduate University: California Institute of Technology.
  • Graduate area of study: Aerospace Engineering.


  • Resides in: New Mexcio, USA.
  • Work role: Research Associate.


  • Target audience: Undergraduate and Post graduate students, and anyone interested in research.
  • Guidance Areas:
    • General: Masters | Research:Mechanical Eng.,Physics and Biology |  Balancing other passions with professional life | Identify crisis and general psychological revelations hard to accept.
    • Specific: Computational Solid | Fluid Mechanics | Molecular Dynamics |  Atomistic Physics and Density Functional Theory related topics.

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