Message to graduate students
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Graduate studies can be stressful, especially if you are in international student. The courses you pick and the projects you take on will have real impact on how quickly you find internships, and the kind of job you land upon graduation.

Our Guidance Counselors have been your shoes and they are willing to talk with you for 30-mins on Google Hangouts (audio) on how to maximize your graduate experience. Our services are free.

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Guidance Areas

Description Book Session


Learn ways to strengthen your resume Book Here

Course confusion

Understand the courses that'll help you land internships and full time jobs Book Here

Domain confusion

Discuss the type of career and salary impact your domain will have on your future Book Here


Discuss job/internship offers and ask for referrals Book Here

Funding/Financial Aid

Learn how to maximize your chance of getting financial aid Book Here


Your questions may not fall under any of the Guidance Areas listed above. When you book your sessions please mention what the session is going to be about — we'll use it to pick an appropriate Guidance Counselor. Book Here