Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the session duration limited to 30-minute?
The number of students far exceeds the number of Guidance Counselors. We need to limit the time we spend with each student. Besides, if you need more time, you can always schedule another session.

What happens to all the revenue generated through donations and  paid services?
The money will be used to extend the reach and impact — marketing, platform development, etc…None of the volunteers/Guidance Counselors get paid.

Can I trust the Guidance Counselor’s suggestions?
One of the requirement for being a Guidance Counselor is to be employed full time. So, they have real experience. Their suggestions are valid and invalid at the same time — valid because what ever they did worked for them. Invalid because they are not you (they are missing a huge chunk of contextual information). In the end, you are responsible for the decisions you make with the information you gather from these sessions. The more objective questions you ask, better is the quality of ¬†information you’ll receive.