College Participation

When students engage in a dialogue with people who have been in their shoe: (A) the silliest of the students concerns/questions gets naturally answered — this’ll free up mental space for more important concerns , (B) students will be able to understand the nuances about a certain job/career/higher education. Students can use these discussions as a “reality check” to see whether they need to take corrective action early on in their journey to find their ideal job/career/higher education university.

Below table helps you to understand some of the ways you can participate.

Participation Categories
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Category How do I make use of 30MinGuidance?
Example scenario
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After learning about our 30Minguidance, encourages various departments within their institution to make use of our services and works with 30MinGuidance team to come up with a program structure so that students at their institutions can continuously make use of our services. In short, works on integrating 30MinGuidance into their college. Contact Us
Professor A professor who teachers Electrical Engineering finds out that two of the Guidance Counselors have masters in Electrical Engineering and works full time as Electrical Engineers. The professor realizes the benefits of students having a conversation with working professionals and keeps reminding students about our 30-min Audio service during classes. The professor encourages students to sign up for 30-min Audio sessions and puts up posters near his/her cubicle and works with students to organize 30-min Audio Sessions for their students in their class/department/college. In short, works on integrating 30MinGuidnace into their college. Contact Us
Career Services
Staff at the placement department, depending on the nature of the student's questions, redirect students to 30MinGuidance and encourages students to seek the advice of our Guidance Counselors.These questions typically tend to be very specific to the students situation. For example: Should I pursue my higher education right after college, or should I wait for a few years before I apply ? Is a career choice in XYZ domain a good idea ? I have multiple job offers, how do I handle that ?
*Our guidance counselors can also help with Resume review*, and talk to students about how to build their resume. In short, works on integrating 30MinGuidnace into their college.
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Student Groups
A group of students eager to try out something new gets in touch with 30MinGuidance to learn how they can become a Campus Representatives at their institution. They organize sessions at their university. They not only create impact, but add valuable experience to their resume.In short, works on integrating 30MinGuidnace into their college.  Contact Us