Message to you from 30MinGuidance team

We are working professionals who have come together to guide anxious/confused undergraduate and graduate (1st and 2nd semester) students. We do not charge any fee — we don’t believe information should be reserved for the privileged few — for our core services and none of our volunteers are paid. It’s the willingness to help that is making all of this possible.

As a part of our fundraising activity, we’ll be putting together a book comprising of 50 Masters essays. This essay will be sold for a nominal fee and the revenue generated will go towards keeping the website alive. Again, none of us get paid and all revenue generated will remain with 30MinGuidance.

Questions/concerns: email us at 30minguidance@gmail.com or get in touch with us at +1 571-315-8086. But first, take a look at the form below. Some of the answers might be in the description that accompanies each field.

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Unless you grant us the permission to do so (at the bottom of this form), this info won't be published, . If you do grant us the permission, we will include your name along with a bunch of other names in the Acknowledgement section. No, your name won't accompany your essay.
This info will be published.
So that we don't publish essays earlier than the year 2000
This info will be published. E.g: Computer Engineering (area: FPGA Design)
We will remove/modify names of individuals. If you have worked under a xyz professor back in India, we'll modify that name to protect your anonymity. If you have mentioned your university in your essay, we'll remove/modify that. We'll basically review every essay and remove any info to maintain your anonymity.
So that you be sure that we have done a good job of maintaining your anonymity. If yes, we'll get in touch with you at your email address with the modified essay.
Allowed file extensions are pdf, doc, txt. Max file size is 67 MB. If you encounter any technical issues, just email your essay to 30minguidance@gmial.com