30-min Audio/Chat Session

30-min Audio/Chat Session
(this should take about 10-min to complete)

Please enter the complete name. Eg.: (1) Peking University instead of PKU, (2) Birla Institute of Technology - Goa, instead of BITS-Goa, (3) Virginia Tech, instead of VT, etc...
This will help the volunteer coordinator to find a time that works for you and your guidance counselor. Example: (1) Manassas, USA, (2) Bangalore, India
Please enter the complete name. Eg: (1) Electrical Engineering rather than just EE, (2) Bachelor of Law, instead of LL.B, etc...
To pick your Guidance Counselor, click on "Guidance Counselors" in the footer area. Make sure your Guidance Counselor's area matches your area of interest. If you leave this blank, based on your background and interest, we'll pick a Guidance Counselor for you
So that we can have a productive session.
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